Blow Mouldings

Blow Mouldings


In October 2016, NAROTO launched 2000 LTR. – 3 Layer Tank Blow Moulding Machine under Brand name of NABBLOW. With Proven Technology in place, NABBLOW is all set to conquer the Glocal Market.

Blow Moulding Specifications

Model : NBM 2000C3S.
Machine Suitable For : Moulding Tank/Article Capacity: 2000 LTRS. VERTICAL, 3 LAYERS Production Range: 500 – 2000 LTRS. Vertical Tanks.

Salient Features

Maximum Parison Weight : 45 KG.
Product Removal by Automatic Take out Gripper.
Fast Production with Minimum Wastage.
Mould Clamping Force : 142 Tons.
Touch Screen PLC System for Automation.
Connected Load 430 KW & Average Running Load 230 KW.
Machine Required Floor Area : 9 MTR Width X 13 MTR Depth X 7 MTR Height.

Note : Not in scope Accessories like Air Compressor, Shredder, Chiller, Hopper Loaders etc. are mandatory for operations, which client to arrange on its own.